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We at Synthex have a long experience and a clear understanding related to all of the challenges and issues organizations meet when contracting/outsourcing for  Software, Systems and Business/Process Integration and Improvement projects. We are a company with a history of over 25 years in software development, technology integration and business consulting in the USA and Europe. Thus we are in the best position to use the various international circumstances and best equipped to provide the long term, flexible and complete solutions with the best value.

We are uniquely qualified and eager to provide you with the solution you need in any and all parts of Software/ICT projects for business process and quality improvement, such as process and systems analysis, design and development, project management, advice for each piece of technology required, all services for software development, coding, training,.support and continuous improvement.

Our consultants have served in a large number of projects, in various application areas, covering a range of industries, with various smaller and medium companies as well as with several of the largest multi-national organizations. Therefore, our technology and business experience includes a wide base of tools, systems and functional areas. Nevertheless, our most recent activity and current skills include Windows and Linux/Unix servers, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and other Databases, .NET/ASP, C#, HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, PHP and other tools, ERP, CRM, EDI, Case, Process and Document Management, Web and other applications.

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Software Design and Development

  • searching, consulting, analysing and evaluating systems and applications needs
  • identifying technology limitations and other deficiencies in existing systems and associated processes, procedures and methods
  • writing and maintaining program code to meet set needs, system requirements, system designs and technical specifications
  • testing, debugging, diagnosing and correcting errors and faults to ensure applications perform within established guidelines, specifications, testing protocols and quality standards
  • writing, updating and maintaining technical program, end user documentation and operational procedures
  • providing advice, guidance and expertise in developing strategies, financial evaluations and proposals for software design, development, purchasing and upgrading
  • providing high level of expertise in .Net, C++/C#, SQL, WinForms, WPF, PHP, Perl, Windows and Web applications design and development

Systems Integration and Implementation

  • working with users to formulate and document business requirements and goals
  • identifying, investigating, and analysing business processes, procedures and work practices
  • identifying and evaluating inefficiencies and recommending optimal business practices, and systems functionality and behavior
  • develop project plans and provide resources, performance, cost and project management
  • taking responsibility for deploying functional solutions, such as creating, adopting and implementing system and test plans, which ensure acceptable quality and integrity of the system
  • creating user and training documentation, and conducting formal training classes
  • developing functional specifications for use by system developers
  • creating clear data and process modeling and system specifications for the design and development of system software
  • providing a central reference, guidance and assistance in the system project decision making process
  • advising on and designing of database architecture, data structures, tables, dictionaries, naming conventions and maintenance to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all data
  • implementing the operational establishment, preventive maintenance, backup and recovery procedures and enforcement of security and integrity controls
  • implementing and communicating database documentation, guidelines, policies and procedures
  • developing of quality testing scripts, procedures and processes and testing database systems and/or upgrades for debugging, tracking, reproduction, logging and resolving all identified problems
  • planning and implementing the processes, procedures and operational management associated with system security and disaster recovery
  • liaising, negotiating and working with vendors and external service providers in analysing, recommending, installing and maintaining applications and/or procedures for performance, security; disaster recovery, service level agreements and delivery
  • troubleshooting and providing service support in diagnosing, resolving and repairing software and hardware malfunctions, encompassing workstations and communication infrastructure
  • advising on design of computer sites to allow all components to fit together and work properly, and on monitoring and adjusting the performance of systems and networks
  • surveying the current computer site to determine current and future server and network needs and making recommendations for enhancements and the implementation of new and future systems
  • preparing and producing documentation, policies and instructions, detailing operational procedures and system logs
  • providing high level of expertise in all Windows versions, various Unix/Linux systems, TCP/IP, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle and other Databases.


Process and Quality Improvement

We can best help you build or refine your strategy and formulate the appropriate quality goals and objectives for your business to succeed in the global marketplace. Then, proceed with improving and/or implementing the most effective and efficient processes for sourcing, developing, marketing and/or delivering of your product(s) and/or service(s), whichever and as it is applied to you. International business success requires not only an effective strategy but also the efficient sources, resources and processes, which a Synthex Development Team can greatly help you achieve by providing any or all of the following:

  • identifying local existing and potential resources and matching with corresponding international business opportunities
  • advising, encouraging and assisting the development of objectives, strategies and efficiency
  • developing and implementing local and international business plans, which are to include marketing, organization, operation, human resources, pricing and credit policies/procedures
  • determining the mix of products and services to be provided and negotiating conditions of trade through communication with local and international suppliers, distributors, and partners
  • researching and determining regulatory and statutory requirements affecting the planned local and international business
  • monitoring business performance and preparing estimates, financial statements and reports of operations
  • proposing and working with agents, distributors and partners to arrange for the shipping of goods into and out of a country
  • overseeing the display and sale of merchandise and preparation of product information for customer service staff and customers
  • determining and implementing after-sales service procedures
  • analyzing, evaluating and developing of current and new systems, structures and ICT applications to support the set goals
  • researching, identifying and negotiating possible local and international financial resources and partnerships for business plan financing and implementation
  • capturing business information in order to communicate and align business goals and objectives
  • analyzing and (re-)designing processes to improve efficiency and overall quality of services and products
  • determining departmental objectives and organizational strategies for better overall business performance
  • identifying problems in management and implemeting services for improvement
  • integrating eManagement services as a part of an overall business growth strategy
  • optimizing workforce skills by providing tools for learning and perfomance management which may include eServices
  • integrating practices that attract, manage, develop, motivate, and retain key employees
  • creating a professional and collaborative network of customers, partners, and employees
  • provide third party integration services by supplying a common technology platform for the exchange of products/services
  • applying Business Process Management methods and technology to ensure meeting the set efficiency and quality goals


3 Reasons To Contact - Work with Us

1.  If you want or plan an eService, eBusiness or other application for Improved Quality and Efficiency, Synthex has the Systems Integration and Software Expertise and Solutions to help you everywhere.

2. If you need or you think to improve a local or international business task, activity or process, Synthex has the Global Management and eBusiness Experience, Technology and Services to help you anywhere.

3.  If you are or you want to be into a product and/or market development project with an international perspective, Synthex has the Global Experience, Partnerships and Presence to help you somewhere.

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