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The Company

Synthex has had a global orientation since its inception in 1990 as a software development and consulting services provider in the USA, from where it served internationally a number of smaller and medium companies as well as larger and multinational corporations.  The company established its organizational presence in Europe - Greece around  2000, where it pioneered and lead the products and market development for Electronic Signature Devices and Software (eSign Appliances) used as the base for Transaction Authentication, Compliance and Security solutions (TACS, pronounced as TAX and so reminding their consequent use for Tax Compliance).

Today, utilizing its long standing experience and the highest level expertise of its Leadership Team as well as of the Syn.Net - Synthex Network  of Service and Technology Partners, the company offers Consulting, Services and Technology Solutions for eBusiness and eServices providing for higher Efficiency, Performance Improvement and Business Development with a global market perspective.   We maintain a representative office and affiliated partners in the US and operate Synthex TACS as a separate unit member of the Syn.Net providing as required our base software and device development capabilities.   Thus, the Synthex eBusiness unit is fully equipped, supported and concentrated to provide Consulting, eServices and Solutions for Efficiency and International Development Management.

The Mission

Throughout our history, as well as now and every day of our lives, we are unsatisfied and restless until we are certain that we do the best possible to serve our mission.  This has remained the same from day one and will remain the same for the future, since it is continuously instilled as paramount in the mind, heart and soul of all our colleagues and partners.  

Our Mission is to continuously improve and develop a successful business by securing for each one of our clients the Most Effective Use of The Most Appropriate Business and Technology Methods and Solutions that Enhance Efficiency and Development Opportunities.

The Vision

We are inspired and moved by a vision of successful and socially responsible companies and organizations providing for the well being of their people, their nation and society.  Therefore, we have the eager and urgent will to make the best possible effort so that our every day work and successes contribute highly towards the realization of our vision. 

The Strategy

Our main strategic goal is to grow and prosper by continuously pursuing technical and practical advantages that allow us to lead the development and offering of innovative business solutions and services in a timely manner.  We do that in carefully selected functional areas so that our services and solutions address critical and current needs for the development and growth of smaller and medium organizations.  Furthermore, by re-addressing, renewing and improving the basics of mostly horizontal functional areas we provide larger organizations the opportunity to innovate and lead.

The Services and Solutions

Our objectives are based on pursuing a leadership position in creating and supporting growth and prosperity opportunities for our clients by providing:

  • Technology Solutions utilizing eServices and eBusiness methods and applications that secure their Continuous Process and Quality Improvement, Efficiency and Development.
  • Consulting and practical services that allow them to take advantage of international opportunities through International Marketing and/or Sourcing, Product Innovation and Globalization.

3 Reasons To Contact - Work with Us

1.  If you want or plan an eService, eBusiness or other application for Improved Quality and Efficiency, Synthex has the Systems Integration and Software Expertise and Solutions to help you everywhere.

2. If you need or you think to improve a local or international business task, activity or process, Synthex has the Global Management and eBusiness Experience, Technology and Services to help you anywhere.

3.  If you are or you want to be into a product and/or market development project with an international perspective, Synthex has the Global Experience, Partnerships and Presence to help you somewhere.

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