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Synthex eBusiness and Integration Solutions utilize innovative ideas, methods and tools resulting from extensive practical experience and a resulting rare combination of expertise on the related areas of technology and management.   The company has a long record of innovation and know how on the combination of administration, management and technology aspects that address the critical needs and issues related to Electronic Document/Data Capture, Authentication and Integrity as well as related to Data/Document Inter-Exchange, Integration and Case/Process Management.  Thus, the Synthex eSolutions provide a complete platform for eBusiness Implementation(s) with Data and Process Integration resulting to Innovation(s) and Agility for Smaller and Medium Businesses as well as for various Functional Areas of larger Enterprises and Organizations.  Our eSolutions consist of selected according to each case SynApps that provide the tools and services for digitizing documentation/information and automating operation to achieve the Effectiveness, Productivity and Agility levels that the globalized markets and services demand.  Hence, Synthex's eSolutions for eBusiness Integration provide functionality and efficiency capabilities that you cannot easily find elsewhere, or that you may find but at a lot higher level of complication and cost.  For more details, please click below or Contact Us.

SynEDIX ..: for eInvoicing, EDI/eCommerce and eBusiness Process Management

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange is the term originally used to refer in general to the tranfer of data by agreed message standards from one computer to another, without human intervention. In business, EDI was mostly used to exchange transaction and other information, such as Invoices, Purchace Orders, Payments an so on, with your customers, suppliers, etc (called Trading Partners in EDI terms). Thus, together with the use of the Internet for the communication (transfer) of the related documents/data, the corresponding terms, eInvoicing, ePurchasing, ePayments and so on, have started being used following the generated trend of using the "e" to denote the "e"lectronification (automation) of an activity, process, service etc.

Nevertheless, EDI is still the term more widely used worldwide to refer to the overall framework that includes all of the above and other eBusiness aspects as well as any such electronic data, record or document exchange and management in other areas and services such as healthcare, legal, government and so on. With people that have lived and worked through all aspects and transitions of EDI, Synthex today renovates and delivers EDI eXtended related solutions that help smaller and medium as well as larger businesses and organizations Innovate and Improve Quality and Efficiency of corresponding processes and activities. Our SynEDIX solutions (below) do exactly that by providing methods of exchanging documents and information that improve the daily processes of your business making them less time consuming for your people, quicker and more accurate and secure for your trading partners and cost efficient for your business.

  • SynEDIX - Synthex Electronic Data Integrated eXchange or Synthex Electronic Document Interchange and eXtensions: is a customizable and flexible platform, applications and services set for electronic document, record and other data communication, capture, analysis, transormation, integration, filing and retrieval/reuse. It provides various parameterized methods for customizing and executing processes related to the above and therefore it can be adapted to the needs of smaller, medium and larger organizations. SynEDIX offers efficient and cost effective ways to convert invoices, orders and any other transactions as well as any other document or data record or file to a SynEDIX eDocument supporting various related methods and standards for exchange, authentication, tax, legal and other compliance. Therefore, it can work with, along or without any other system or application as needed for such compiance or other requirements.

SynEDIX is offered and can be implemented at various levels as follow:

  • SynEDIX Basic: using SynEDIX Basic you can send e-Invoices and other e-Documents quickly and easily via email using an SMTP Server and you can receive confirmation notifications that the recepient has received or read the documents. SynEDIX Basic has a programmable execution mode which can automate the execution and logging of sending multiple e-Documents to multiple receivers, in separate batches with customizable attachements, subject and body, with or without the administration of a user. It supports multilingual documents and provides basic organization and archiving of e-Documents as well as a module for quick and easy search, retrieve, reform and reuse capabilities.
  • SynEDIX Advanced: supports multiple file formats such as pdf, txt, rtf, doc, xps etc., more advanced and flexible organization, filing and retrieval/reuse capabilities for both ougoing and incoming documents. It maintains a trading partner and related transactions database allowing for customizable transactions, documents, data formats, exchange and administration requirements per trading partner.
  • SynEDIX Professional: this level/module of SynEDIX provides features and tools for configuring the analysis, capturing and transformation of documents and/or or related data of outgoing and incoming documents, so as to facilitate and automate data and application integration with ERP, CRM, MRP and other systems.
  • SynEDIX Expert: features various products and services for supporting Exchange/Communication Protocols such as AS2, AS3, ebMS, FTP/ s, SSH FTP, HTTP/s, IBM Websphere, MQ, MLLO, OFTP, OFTP2, Rosetta Net RNIF, SMTP/s, Web Services and so on, as well as Data Mapping according to EDI Standards such as X12, EDIFACT, UN/CEFACT, ebXML and so on. These expand and complete the exchange and integration capabilities with any trading partner and high level security, reliability and process management requirements.

SynEDIX helps you and your people become more productive, cost effective and efficient by:

    • Reducing people's time and error costs
    • Avoiding printing, mailing and communication costs
    • Automating and integrating updates and information
    • Improving payments time and administration
    • Facilitating and speeding filing, retreival and reuse of documents
    • Supporting and promoting better trading partner relationships
    • Providing for better Process and eBusiness Management

SynEDIX and Synthex eInvoice- EDI related Services and Solutions lead your migration to a more efficient Process Integration, Improvement and Automation and support a more effective implementation of overall eBusiness Process Management methods and systems (eBPM).

eSignApps: for El. Signature, Identification, Authentication, Security and Compliance

eSignature (Electronic Signature or Digital Signature) is a concept used with Electronic Documents to serve the purpose(s) that paper signing and/or stamping of paper documents serve. With paper documents, when somebody puts (writes) his/her signature and/or some form of stamp on the document paper, that indicates some form of validation, agreement, approval, adoption, consent, compliance and so on related to the specific document. Correspondingly, with an electronic document, one can put his/her eSignature and/or an eStamp to indicate analogous forms of validation and so on. Therefore, a properly eSigned and/or eStamped electronic document could be used for the same, all and rather many more purposes that a corresponding paper document could be used for.

Thus, we could avoid great amounts of printing, paper and time costs, highly automate and improve the efficiency of many processes and operations, better enforce legal compliance and limit liability risk and realize various other benefits all while protecting the environment. 30 billion documents per year are in some way printed by US companies alone, probably triple that including the rest of the world. Way higher may be the government related document numbers. The total cost of signing and/or otherwise handling the validation of paper documents has being estimated at an average of 6.50 USD or 5.0 Euro per document. The benefits and gains are simply enormous if we pursue eSignature Applications and Solutions to substitute paper signing.

In fact, many governments and industries around the world have already recognized the great benefits and needs to substitute handwritten signatures and/or manually applied stamps with digital signatures and/or digital stamps (all included when using the term eSignature). Therefore, most countries have already adopted legislation and regulations that define the characteristics of an eSignature (digital signature and/or stamp) as well as the eSignature application related process or procedure, which when complied to they make an eSigned document (electronic or paper) as legally and otherwise binding as a hand signed or stamped paper document. There are some differences from country to country, but in general most countries now recognize the legal significance of some form of (standard) electronic signature, which is on very similar bases across countries.

Furthermore, in many industries there are regulations that define how eSignatures can be used as a replacement of handwritten signatures. Nevertheless, nothing prevents companies and other organizations to use their own policies and forms of eSignatures and to utilize analogous solutions and procedures to improve their own internal, partner and customer related processes and related costs.

Synthex has being a pioneer and a leader in the development of the solutions and the market for eSignature Applications and/or Appliances that are used for Invoicing and other Business Transactions Tax Compliance in various countries. s SSCD (Secure Signature Creation Devices) and related software applications are installed and used by over 40,000 users in companies and organizations ranging from the smallest to very large multinationals. Our own term for these systems is Transaction Authenticity and Compliance Solutions or TACS which reminds of Tax Compliance but this is only one of the areas where they can be applied.

Based on the above and our other related expertise and solutions, Synthex can help you in many ways to utilize eSignature (eStamping) concepts and methods in order to replace paper based procedures with electronic ones to cut costs, improve your business efficiency while going green. Our eSignApps (eSignature Applications and/or Appliances) is a set of software and hardware modules comprising a flexible platform which can be used to configure, develop and integrate various eSignature Solutions within an overall BPM perspective.

eServiSyn : for eServicing, eBusiness, eGovernment, ... eProcess

eService - electronic service is the term lately used to refer to the delivery or performance of a service or process utilizing mostly electronic means and media, thus reducing or eliminating the paper and work required by the provider as well as facilitating the physical presence and effort required by the receiver. The main, base technology utilized as the channel of delivery is the Internet while all other electronic means and media may also be used. eServices complete an eBusiness performance and administration management approach by paralleling and/or complimenting eCommerce, which is mostly used to mean the selling of products and/or handling of all related transactions utilizing mostly the Internet channel and related technologies. Therefore, eService should be distinguished as the "other half" of eBusiness that involves mostly the execution of a service or process that may or may not be related to selling of products, such as training and support or collaboration, learning, employee evaluation and development, compliance, marketing and promotion and other business services, education, government and other public services, health and other personal services and so on.

Synthex's Leadership Team includes people that are experts in various areas and technologies involved in and evolving with eServices. Thus, utilizing and integrating various tools, technology and services we provide, our eServiSyn Solutions are based on a specific platform chosen according to the specific eService application, content and process requirements. The eServiSyn platform(s) provide for Best Value solutions for the delivery or performance of eServices in various areas such as follow.

eLearning - eCollaboration - eTraining and eSupport Management

  • eLearning allows you to create, manage, and deliver personalized training programs that bring together targeted, blended learning programs for all members of your organization as well as for your clients, customers or patrons.
  • It offers the use of platforms for performance appraisal and the alignment of individual goals with departmental objectives and organizational strategy. This goes beyond simple assessment to link the outcome of skill gap assessments to development plans in order to close gaps.
  • identifying training needs and requirements of individuals and teams in organizations and/or their clients
  • setting human resource development and support and/or client support objectives and evaluating learning and support outcomes
  • preparing and developing instructional training material and aids such as handbooks, visual aids, online tutorials, demonstration models and supporting training reference documentation
  • gathering, investigating and researching background materials to gain an understanding of various subject matters and systems
  • designing, coordinating, scheduling and conducting training and development programs that can be delivered in the form of individual and group instruction, and facilitating workshops, meetings, demonstrations and conferences
  • liaising with external training and systems providers and arrange for efficient delivery of specific training and development programs
  • promoting internal and external training and development, and evaluating these promotional activities
  • monitoring and performing ongoing evaluation and assessment of training quality and effectiveness, and reviewing and modifying training objectives, methods and course deliverables

ePerformance and eCompliance

  • determining, implementing, monitoring, reviewing and evaluating human resource development and management strategies, policies and plans to meet business needs
  • advising and assisting management in applying sound recruitment, selection and training practices, and appropriate induction, training, development and promotion programs
  • developing and implementing training and performance management systems to plan, appraise and improve individual and team training and performance
  • advising and overseeing on the application of redundancy and other employee retrenchment policies and on systems for monitoring employment costs and productivity levels
  • developing and maintaining the required personnel records and associated human resource information systems
  • developing, implementing and maintaining occupational health and safety programs, equal employment opportunity and other programs for ensuring compliance with statutory requirements
  • providing advice and information to management on workplace relations policies and procedures, staff performance and disciplinary matters
  • advising on and implementing systems and procedures for communicating information on job vacancies, job descriptions, wages and conditions of employment
  • undertaking negotiations on terms and conditions of employment, and examining and resolving disputes and grievances
  • studying and interpreting legislation, awards, collective agreements and employment contracts, wage payment systems and dispute settlement procedures
  • developing, planning and formulating enterprise agreements or collective contracts such as productivity-based wage adjustment procedures, workplace relations policies and programs, and procedures for their implementation
  • overseeing the formation and conduct of workplace consultative committees and employee participation initiatives


  • eProcurement is the automated purchasing of goods and services from supplies, such applications are designed to facilitate the exchange of electronic information between trading partners by integrating a buyer’s purchasing process with a seller’s order entry system process
  • eSelling is the direct sale of services and/or products to other businesses using automated means, the interaction requires pre-negotiation of prices, catalog items, and authorized users. Two major methods of eSelling are electronic catalogs and electronic auctions. Electronic catalogs can be customized in both content and price for specific businesses and can be coupled with customer relationship management to provide personalized content delivery.
  • eMarkets provide third party integration services by supplying online applications that allow organizations to exchange goods and services using a common technology platform. These electronic marketplaces are designed to bring suppliers and buyers together in a common forum with a common technology platform.


  • using an electronic medium (primarily the Internet) to execute marketing strategies and objectives in addition to the traditional marketing and business strategy
  • developing an eMarketing plan based on research and analysis to support or improve on the existing marketing plan within the guidelines of the business strategy
  • conducting a company website audit to analyze strengths and weaknesses in order to identify strategic improvements for online presence (which may include a redesign).
  • enhancing the company's online presence through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies
  • designing a strategy for promotion of the company through the use of various social media sites and tools
  • consulting and training the company's management, technical or other staff to implement and continue the use of these stategies


  • using IT/ICT solutions and/or eServices to provide the digital interaction of information from government to citizens, businesses, or employees or vice versa..
  • the electronization of common paper work transactions with government which results in a more effective, convenient and less costly process.
  • simplifying processes and making government information or forms easily accesible for citizens, businesses, or employees therefore shortening processing time.
  • creating electronic processes in which these interactions may be executed in an organized and secure manner for both government and second parties.


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