Do you know or think that with eBusiness and Integration you can better manage transactions, documents and regulations, better help your customers, better train and help your employees and be (more) agile to take advantage of market needs and opportunities?  Are you looking or planning to look for the appropriate solutions to achieve such goals?   Would you like to use eBusiness Solutions that Integrate and Automate such internal and/or external business process(es) and improve overall business performance?   Or, have you already been there and done that but not enough and/or it costs too much?  Synthex utilizes its long standing experience and unique combination of expertise to provide eBusiness and Integration Solutions incorporating innovative and cost effective methods and capabilities.  All of our solutions are made to fully meet the needs of smaller and medium businesses as well as flexible and expandable to perfectly fit within the larger and global organizations, all at a much Better Total Cost and Best Value.  For more details, please follow the links below or Contact Us.


The Software, Systems and Business/Process Integration and Improvement projects present a high level of risks, issues and challenges. The shortage of skilled professionals in combination with a high level of related costs has led many organizations to exploring the options of contract consulting and services (outsourcing) to make sure the needs and deadlines are met.  Nevertheless these options have a similar if not higher level of the same and other issues and risks. High attrition, language and cultural barriers, business aspect differences and regulations, distance, multi cultural management are some of the challenges that you may also have faced and struggled with.   Synthex's principals and resources have long time related experience at a global level and with all related services and issues.  Therefore, if you need help and a high quality, best value, dedicated and long term relationship for Software/Systems Integration and/or Business/Process Improvement Project outsourcing, we believe it will be a good use of your time to consider our services and solutions and  Contact Synthex....


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3 Reasons To Contact - Work with Us

1.  If you want or plan an eService, eBusiness or other application for Improved Quality and Efficiency, Synthex has the Systems Integration and Software Expertise and Solutions to help you everywhere.

2. If you need or you think to improve a local or international business task, activity or process, Synthex has the Global Management and eBusiness Experience, Technology and Services to help you anywhere.

3.  If you are or you want to be into a product and/or market development project with an international perspective, Synthex has the Global Experience, Partnerships and Presence to help you somewhere.

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